Spaniel Cake

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A friend of mine has just celebrated a very special birthday (I’m not allowed to mention age). She asked me to decorate a fruit cake for her in a traditional style, (no girly pink!) and to also make her a sponge cake. She didn’t know how she wanted her sponge to be decorated but was happy to leave it with me. Knowing her love of dogs, this is what I came up with….cake3  This is the front view which my son photographed (my camera has decided to not want to take photos any more)


This is a slightly angled view so you can see how he (yes it was a boy) was laying.

My friend was really pleased with it but didn’t want to cut it. In fact she still hasn’t brought herself to eat his head yet.

Mary xx


One thought on “Spaniel Cake

    Working Like a Dog | Two Little Cake Ladies said:
    July 31, 2014 at 10:38

    […] goes well I’ll post some pictures… in the meantime take a look at one of Mum’s creations from earlier on in the […]

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