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Football cakes

I know that the World Cup season is upon us as just lately I have had a few Football themed cakes to do. Here are the latest ones..


DSCF3362                                                                DSCF3349

Seeing as it seems to be the current topic I might as well show you some of my earlier ones. (as Blue Peter would say, here’s one I made earlier)… or six to be exact. (can’t seem to be able to locate my other pictures)

31932_343788519058605_1285449209_n 537071_343788392391951_1393760938_n 551535_343788365725287_485456562_n 014 166706_343820125722111_172398238_n 480145_343788479058609_1406126615_n

Yes,  most of these are Hull City (Tigers) based. But then I suppose they are the local team. All I can say is they would have a flipping tiger on their logo, they couldn’t have anything simpler!

Anyway happy footballing to those of you who are into it (I’m not I’m afraid) and commiserations to those of you who are not. Happy caking xx



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