Cheeky Bomb!

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I recently made a Jagerbomb birthday cake for a friend, I was unsure as to whether it would actually taste okay, but apparently she shared it with her teacher friends and everyone loved it. So much so, that she ordered the same thing in cupcake form (plus a couple of cheeky passoa and lemonade cupcakes) for the end of term.

I didn’t actually record the recipes I used/adapted for the birthday cake so it was a bit of a made up job (again!) I did green velvet jagerbomb sponge cupcakes, with a whipped chocolate-jager ganache filling, topped with red bull butter cream. And the passoa cupcakes were pretty much the same as the ones I made last time.

Really pleased the birthday cake went down well- I hope these go down just as well!



Cat xx


2 thoughts on “Cheeky Bomb!

    […] Anyway, I think she was pleased with the results. We didn’t get chance to try the sponge on the night but I’m assured by my boyfriend that the off-cuts were tasty! […]

    […] I mentioned I liked Passoa right? Well I spotted some in the Duty Free on the way home and knew I had to get some. This was over a week ago. I’ve been itching to open it and it’s finally the weekend! I’m impatient and so obviously couldn’t wait until tomorrow, bank holiday Sunday, to share with friends (don’t worry there’s still some left!) Being 11.45 Saturday morning I thought it was a bit too early to drink, so I made some cupcakes instead… […]

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