Celebration, Wedding

New Year, New Name

First post of the year- Happy New Year and all that jazz!

The title of this post doesn’t refer to us, but to some recent customers. If you follow us on Instagram (@twolittlecakeladies) you will have seen the lovely little email I received from Mary, now married to Phil. Those crazy people decided to get married on New Year’s Eve (because there aren’t enough parties going on that night!)

I had an almost last minute request for 100 pops for NYE, luckily I had almost cleared my Christmas orders around the time of enquiry and I no longer have a social life so I agreed.

Their theme was black tie (it couldn’t  really be anything else at that time of year could it?) and they opted for a simple black suited chocolate groom with a little black dickie bow, and a lemon bride wearing a sprinkle dress.

There were a few times where I wasn’t sure if I was going to complete the order- I thought I had run out of 6″ lolly sticks but luckily found another pack hiding away in my drawer. I also had a mad panic about not having enough pearl white balls for the Bride’s little necklaces but luckily I just about did, though I really should put in another order for those as they are used a lot for bridal pops!

Anyway, back to Mary & Phil, can you imagine the stress of organising your wedding during the festive period? Not only have you got presents to wrap, dinner to prep and family to visit, you have RSVPs to chase up, outfits to sort out, tables to plan, flowers to arrange and cake pops to order among many other things! Surely anyone doing such a thing is insane?!

Mary and Phil if you are reading, I hope you had a Wonderful day and that everything ran like clock work, also, here’s to you and anyone else about to spend 2018 as ‘Mr and Mrs’ xxx


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