A Belated Intro

If you’re reading this, you probably already know us, searched for us and found yourself here. But just incase you came here by accident here is a little about us…

We are a Mother-Daughter team and we bake from our home kitchen.

Mary makes Celebration Cakes and cupcakes for local weddings, birthdays, christening, baby showers etc (you name the occasion, she has probably baked for it!)

Catherine deals with the online sales, mostly of various Traybakes and Cake Pops, and also tends to man the stall when attending craft fairs (so if you have bought our goodies at a craft fair, it was most likely Catherine who served you).

We live in a rural area of East Yorkshire, not too far from the Seaside or from 2017’s City of Culture, Hull.

Our favourite bakes tend to be the quirkier ones, we love getting stuck into a theme and just wish there were more hours in the day to play around in the kitchen more (did I mention we both have ‘day jobs’?)

Anyway, that’s enough about us for now, what’s your story? Please pop by and say Hi, we’d love to hear from you xxx


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