Macarons vs Macaroons

I don’t make these terribly often, but they are my Grandma’s favourite so it’s quite special when I do (And I like to try and make some extra for her!)

I’ve always called them Macaroons but I think I should be calling them Macarons really! What do you call them? What’s your favourite flavour? These ones are custard and white chocolate, topped with cutesy sprinkles from The Shire Bakery (@theshirebakery on instagram)



Springing through the year like…

How is it March already? I swear time really does go faster as you get older, how does that happen?

At least that means Spring is in on way and we should get a break from the snow and this chilly weather. Brrr. I don’ cope well with the cold so I really don’ know why I’m not living abroad!

Anyway, enjoy this pic of these cute little bunnies to get you in the mood for Spring. These are sweet vanilla biscuits with an orange flavoured royal icing. Would you like to see a recipe for these?


Spreading the Love

So today I just want to spread the love of a fellow Etsy seller (and avid instagrammer) Little Betty Retro (search @littlebettyretro)

She collects All things Vintage and has the most gorgeous collection of dresses and China. I bought this cute little trio: teacup, saucer and side plate, and look how lovely it is! Perfect prop for my cake-y photos! Plus, she also included a cutesy postcard and her pooch in sticker form!

Go take a peek, I’m sure you will find something you love too 🙂


A Belated Intro

If you’re reading this, you probably already know us, searched for us and found yourself here. But just incase you came here by accident here is a little about us…

We are a Mother-Daughter team and we bake from our home kitchen.

Mary makes Celebration Cakes and cupcakes for local weddings, birthdays, christening, baby showers etc (you name the occasion, she has probably baked for it!)

Catherine deals with the online sales, mostly of various Traybakes and Cake Pops, and also tends to man the stall when attending craft fairs (so if you have bought our goodies at a craft fair, it was most likely Catherine who served you).

We live in a rural area of East Yorkshire, not too far from the Seaside or from 2017’s City of Culture, Hull.

Our favourite bakes tend to be the quirkier ones, we love getting stuck into a theme and just wish there were more hours in the day to play around in the kitchen more (did I mention we both have ‘day jobs’?)

Anyway, that’s enough about us for now, what’s your story? Please pop by and say Hi, we’d love to hear from you xxx

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Chocolate Scotch Eggs – Say Whaaaa?!

Hello hello,

How are you? I’m hoping you’ve broken your New Year’s Resolutions because I am super excited to share some of our Scotch Egg variations with you!

As well as our usual Creme Egg Scotch eggs, this year we have added Caramel Scotch Eggs, Lindor Scotch Eggs, Peanut Butter Scotch Eggs and a few Minis too- Creme Egg, Caramel and Oreo. (There are a couple more to come but I was far too excited to wait till they are ready!)

I’m sure you have heard of these by now, they are Creme Eggs (or some other variant!) wrapped in gooey chocolate brownie, then coated in biscuit crumbs (or more chocolate!) So lots of different textures and lots of chocolate-  definitely for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Don’t worry, these have been taste tested and I think it’s safe to say they pass the test. My favourite is probably the Peanut Butter one, I thought these would be too sickly for me but nope! Anyway, take a look for yourself and if you fancy trying one or two, they are available here.



Early Eggcitement

So it may be a little premature but here at Cake Lady HQ we’re very excited for Easter! We’ve had an early egg delivery and are working hard on extending our range of Easter goodies, some of which include these Oreo Scotch Eggs and Caramel Scotch Eggs (more to come so keep your eyes peeled!)

Has anyone else started thinking about Easter yet? It is the end of January after all!



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Don’t forget the goggles!

I can’t believe I have never made Churros before!

A week or so ago we hosted a ‘Games Night’ (it started with a Movie Trivia Quiz Game and ended with Cards Against Humanity…) It is kind of an unwritten rule that the host puts on a little bit of a buffet/selection of nibbles. Well quite frankly, I’ve had enough buffet food over the festive season so opted for chilli, wedges and nachos, plus something sweet.

So easy to make, I used the recipe from the BBC Good Food Website but added a generous sprinkling of sugar to the dry ingredients before mixing together, and for an extra twist, I used Dark Chocolate with a hint Orange. Don’t be put off by the comments in the Method on the site- basically suggesting you wear full body armour as the Churros can explode when cooking, don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that they could be pretty dangerous (please always be careful around hot oil!) But none of mine exploded so thankfully I didn’t regret not having any protective eye wear!

Definitely recommend you give them a go, everyone was impressed (well, everyone who got to try them- one person was a little slow and missed out due to everyone else scoffing them!) and I have even been instructed to make them again!

cake pops

Love is nearly in the air

We’re nearing the end of January already, how can that be?! Thoughts have already turned to upcoming ‘events’ such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. We have already relisted our most popular item of last year-  the Creme Egg Scotch Egg, but more about that and developments to the range later.

It’s Valentine’s Day in a matter of a few weeks, why not get some ‘Sweets for your Sweet’ and treat your other half to half a dozen Cake Pops (see here). This year we are offering you a choice of Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla or Salted caramel Irish Creme. Each one is topped with either Milk, White or Dark Chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Alternatively, for those of you not lived up, or for those of you wanting to gift something to your bestie we have these Loveheart Message Cake Pops (see here) which can be personalised with a message of your choice, think ‘Single Again’, ‘No Chance’, or ‘U.G.L.Y’ for a little inspiration!