Dr Who

This is the latest cake I’ve just created for a fan of Dr Who.  He couldn’t decide whether he wanted a Tardis or a Darlek. This is what he got.


Happy caking x

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Every girl needs a Cath Kidston handbag!

Just a quick y, thought I would show you a  picture of my latest creation. Again I have been working against the weather and did think I might have to start again, but I think I’ve cracked it. (not literally) The hand painted roses took a while but I’m getting faster at painting them.



This is similar to a cake I did a while ago but to keep it original I changed the main colour. (what do you think?)

Here is the one did before.

Cath Kidston


Anyway, must go, I have another cake in the oven. Happy caking xx

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Tour De France Tops it all.

I started the week with just a couple of cakes to do. I had a Royal Doulton figurine and a character cake depicting someone sitting in an armchair with the Guardian newspaper. I also had a little girls pink castle cake to do for the weekend. As you can imagine, my kitchen and cupboards have been full of cake parts and sponges and icing etc. Here are the two I delivered on Friday. Oh I forget!

DSCF3390                                                                    DSCF3395

In the meantime, on Thursday, I took a last minute order for 50 cake pops  required for Saturday. (Oops, sorry Cat) Which my daughter luckily completed that very evening.

At work on Friday I find out that the cake pops required for Saturday are now going to be picked up early that evening! Luckily I had time to individually wrap all 50 (they were for kids party bags) and bag them up for collection. I also took another two orders for cake pops for next week. (over 50) Once this was done I was able to start icing the castle cake. Unfortunately it was too warm for my icing, so I did as much as I could and decided to carry on later in the evening when it had cooled down and I had got back from my meal.

I went out for my meal with work colleagues to say goodbye to Sarah who is leaving soon. Whilst there a friend asked if I would possibly have time to make a cake for her friends with the dead line being 4pm the following day.(Yes you read that correctly!!) After a couple of hours I left for home. It had rained so at least the temperature was better for decorating cakes.

Lets just say by 10.30pm I was putting sponges to be in my oven. I carried on creating my castle. At midnight when the sponges were cool I was also able to fill and ice my late order.  I went to bed at 2.22 am and was back up at 7 am to carry on. Here is a picture of the castle cake.


This is my last minute creation. I was told that they liked biking and walking. But I can’t think where I got my inspiration from!


Oh, by the way, I beat the deadline by a couple of hours. (PHEW, what a busy couple of days)

happy caking x



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Football cakes

I know that the World Cup season is upon us as just lately I have had a few Football themed cakes to do. Here are the latest ones..


DSCF3362                                                                DSCF3349

Seeing as it seems to be the current topic I might as well show you some of my earlier ones. (as Blue Peter would say, here’s one I made earlier)… or six to be exact. (can’t seem to be able to locate my other pictures)

31932_343788519058605_1285449209_n 537071_343788392391951_1393760938_n 551535_343788365725287_485456562_n 014 166706_343820125722111_172398238_n 480145_343788479058609_1406126615_n

Yes,  most of these are Hull City (Tigers) based. But then I suppose they are the local team. All I can say is they would have a flipping tiger on their logo, they couldn’t have anything simpler!

Anyway happy footballing to those of you who are into it (I’m not I’m afraid) and commiserations to those of you who are not. Happy caking xx



Courteeners CD Cake

My son asked me to make a birthday cake for his girlfriend’s mum for this weekend. When I asked what kind, after consultation with his better half, he gave me a CD of the Courteeners, saying that she liked them. So this is what I produced.IMG_0059 Hope she likes it!                                                                              Happy Birthday Julie x

mary xx


Confirmation cake

I was asked by a colleague to make a confirmation cake (it was officially a first holy communion) for her daughter and her friends son. She wasn’t sure what she wanted, but mentioned it maybe having a bible or a cross on it. She was quite happy to leave it up to me. Here is a picture of what I came up with.

IMG_0064 IMG_0061

I did need to change the confirmation to first holy communion as they are catholic, but she was really pleased with the results. Hopefully it will be a lovely surprise for the children on their special day.

Hope you like it too Mary xx


Spaniel Cake

A friend of mine has just celebrated a very special birthday (I’m not allowed to mention age). She asked me to decorate a fruit cake for her in a traditional style, (no girly pink!) and to also make her a sponge cake. She didn’t know how she wanted her sponge to be decorated but was happy to leave it with me. Knowing her love of dogs, this is what I came up with….cake3  This is the front view which my son photographed (my camera has decided to not want to take photos any more)


This is a slightly angled view so you can see how he (yes it was a boy) was laying.

My friend was really pleased with it but didn’t want to cut it. In fact she still hasn’t brought herself to eat his head yet.

Mary xx