Rainbow cake

Last week I was fed up with all the rain we had been having recently and really fancied a chocolate fix (like you do). I couldn’t decide what chocolate to have. so this is what I made.


 This was what it looked like on the outside.


This was what it looked like on the inside.

It certainly brightened up a rainy few days.

( And I got my chocolate fix too!)  Mary x


Courteeners CD Cake

My son asked me to make a birthday cake for his girlfriend’s mum for this weekend. When I asked what kind, after consultation with his better half, he gave me a CD of the Courteeners, saying that she liked them. So this is what I produced.IMG_0059 Hope she likes it!                                                                              Happy Birthday Julie x

mary xx


Confirmation cake

I was asked by a colleague to make a confirmation cake (it was officially a first holy communion) for her daughter and her friends son. She wasn’t sure what she wanted, but mentioned it maybe having a bible or a cross on it. She was quite happy to leave it up to me. Here is a picture of what I came up with.

IMG_0064 IMG_0061

I did need to change the confirmation to first holy communion as they are catholic, but she was really pleased with the results. Hopefully it will be a lovely surprise for the children on their special day.

Hope you like it too Mary xx


Passoa & Lemonade Please

I mentioned I liked Passoa right? Well I spotted some in the Duty Free on the way home and knew I had to get some. This was over a week ago. I’ve been itching to open it and it’s finally the weekend! I’m impatient and so obviously couldn’t wait until tomorrow, bank holiday Sunday, to share with friends (don’t worry there’s still some left!) Being 11.45 Saturday morning I thought it was a bit too early to drink, so I made some cupcakes instead


Passoa and passion fruit cupcakes, passion fruit curd filling, topped with a passoa and lemonade butter cream, verrrrrry moreish.


Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!


Cat xx


Spaniel Cake

A friend of mine has just celebrated a very special birthday (I’m not allowed to mention age). She asked me to decorate a fruit cake for her in a traditional style, (no girly pink!) and to also make her a sponge cake. She didn’t know how she wanted her sponge to be decorated but was happy to leave it with me. Knowing her love of dogs, this is what I came up with….cake3  This is the front view which my son photographed (my camera has decided to not want to take photos any more)


This is a slightly angled view so you can see how he (yes it was a boy) was laying.

My friend was really pleased with it but didn’t want to cut it. In fact she still hasn’t brought herself to eat his head yet.

Mary xx


Peanut Butter Sandwiches

I have just nicely come back from a week in Turkey. I tried my first chicken kebab, soaked up a lot of sun (though you can’t tell!) and even went paragliding over the Blue Lagoon. However, while the hotel had an interesting selection of desserts on offer, most were a little too fluorescent and gloopy for my liking. I’m now in need of a sugar fix, so after work I raided my cupboards. Peanut butter and a sun-melted Easter egg were among several items piled onto my worktop. Not in the mood for anything fancy, I decided to make peanut butter sandwiches. Well, of the cake variety anyway, you wouldn’t catch me eating peanut butter on bread whatever the reason! Mini chocolate sponge cakes, sandwiched together and topped with peanut butter frosting, yum.


Cat xx






Jagerbomb Birthday Cake

May bank holiday (number one that is) doesn’t just mean an extra day off work, it’s one of my best friend’s birthday- any excuse to party right?

A few weeks earlier, I was cheekily asked ‘What cake are you making me for my birthday?’ and then ‘One with alcohol in?’ To be honest, I’d had a different cake in mind but as I actually had a request I thought I’d try and fulfil it. So I then had to decide what alcohol and what cake… (bearing in mind that I’m not much of a cake decorator- that’s Mum’s forte).

My first thought was Passoa– though it’s quite hard to find locally and I had little time to venture elsewhere, one for another day perhaps. Malibu? Maybe. Vodka? Urgh! Then it hit me, we always head to ‘Spoons for a Jagerbomb (don’t forget the straw!) so that was pretty much the deciding factor.

After a lot of research I decided to make a Jagerbomb green velvet sponge, a Red Bull buttercream, and a Jagermeister chocolate ganache- didn’t look too pretty!


Anyway, I think she was pleased with the results. We didn’t get chance to try the sponge on the night but I’m assured by my boyfriend that the off-cuts were tasty!


Cat xx